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Jeep’s smallest entry, the Renegade, is getting some tweaks midway through its life cycle. We’re getting our first glimpse of the changes for 2019 with the Europe-market Renegade, although we can assume that those styling tweaks will make their way to our Renegade when the U.S.-spec version is shown later this year.

The most obvious differences are in the front and rear fascias, where we can spot new headlights, a new lower bumper design, and new taillights. There also appear to be new wheels, although these photos only show the Limited trim level; the various models—the Trailhawk, Sport, and Latitude, among others—should continue to have their own specific looks.

Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Motor vehicle, Automotive design, Jeep, Compact sport utility vehicle, Sport utility vehicle, City car, Bumper,

Jeep says that new engines are in store, too, but the company isn’t sharing any more info about that quite yet. We think that the Renegade will likely continue on with its turbocharged 1.4-liter and naturally aspirated 2.4-liter inline-fours, although it’s possible FCA will squeeze a bit more power and/or torque out of them. Jeep’s recent five-year plan presentation stated that the Renegade also will gain an electrified variant, but it didn’t specify when that would arrive.

We expect Jeep to release U.S. information on the 2019 Renegade later this year, likely in the fall along with all of FCA’s other model-year changes.

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